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Online Application Now Available    

High school seniors throughout Clark, Floyd and surrounding counties can now apply to receive generous, well-earned scholarships through the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana.

The Foundation’s scholarship program consists of over 75 scholarship funds established by donors desiring to assist students in Southern Indiana. Because of the generosity of these donors over 100 scholarships are awarded to area seniors – helping them pursue the next phase of their education. While many of these awards are available through the local high schools and colleges, students may apply for specific scholarships directly through the Foundation’s website through noon on January 27.   

In spring of 2019, the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana awarded over 100 scholarships worth a combined value of over $450,000.

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Making the Most of Your 2019 Donations   

Qualified Charitable Distributions  

Making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), or IRA Rollover, is a popular giving technique that allows IRA owners age 70 ½ or older to make a tax-free contribution of up to $100,000 directly to a qualified charity from their IRA.  

The primary advantage to giving using this techniques is that the rollover distribution will take the place of your required minimum distribution and avoid the income tax that would otherwise be owed on the funds taken out. 

This is a very common technique used to give which doesn’t require you to write a check. By making a QCD and working with the Community Foundation you can bunch multiple years’ worth of gifts in to one fund, create a scholarship, support your church or favorite nonprofit, or we can create a fund that will help you do all of you annual giving from one place. 

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Helpful Tips from the Southern Indiana Estate Planing Council 

How Should You Respond to Wild Swings In Financial Markets?

By: Joel Nierman, Edward Jones

What’s going on with the financial markets? Specifically, what’s behind the price swings of the past several weeks? And, more important, how should you, as an individual investor, respond?

To begin with, the recent volatility was not really all that extraordinary. The daily drops pushed U.S. stocks down about 10% from their recent record highs, although they have regained …continue reading the article…      

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IT'S OFFICIAL: The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana has been awarded a $5 MILLION Matching Grant from the Lilly Endowment! Learn how you can help us award an estimated additional $200,000 in local grants - a 50% annual increase - each year. Forever.

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