Pathways to Progress Grants

The Foundation’s Pathways to Progress Grants will focus on serving people with the least access to safe, high-quality public places and amenities, typically those who have low incomes and/or who have transportation or mobility challenges or physical and/or mental differences. When their lives are improved, our communities are more welcoming and attractive to all residents, tourists, and employers.

The Quality of Place Grant Cycle is NOW CLOSED. Selected organizations will be invited to submit a full application proposal electronically on Aug. 13. Full electronic proposals will be due by Aug. 31 at 3 p.m.

“Pathways to Progress” Grant Program Information Session | April 28, 2021

Priority Results

For these populations, we will work with our nonprofit partners to improve:

  • Both real and perceived safety of existing amenities (greenspaces, parks, playgrounds, rivers, etc.)
  • Safe and affordable access to the amenities (trails, public/shared transit, etc.)
  • Environmental quality and sustainability of those amenities
  • Use of the areas to decrease physical inactivity, obesity, and other health risks

“What Works” to achieve these results

  • Safe, accessible routes to parks and greenspaces through public transportation, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike trails, and access points
  • Parks infrastructure that connects existing parks and ensures parks are safe and accessible for people with limited mobility
  • Attractive programs and activities in parks or greenspaces that promote physical activity
  • Safety features and amenities available in parks
  • Activation of unused or underused public spaces, such as pocket parks
  • Marketing and communication about activities offered in parks and greenspaces
  • Advocacy and policy reform to improve air quality
  • Advocacy and government partnerships around park and greenspace planning
  • Complete Streets projects
  • Collaboration on funder-led projects and initiatives around parks and greenspaces

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If you have questions about the Foundation’s Pathways to Progress grants, please contact Crystal Gunther at 812-948-4662 or

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