United Community

Single Point of Entry System Brings Hope to Those In Need

United Community is a community-wide initiative to deploy an innovative shared technology platform to initiate and close referrals across many organizations. It reduces barriers to access for citizens by streamlining navigation across the multitude of services offered by our health, education and human services sectors. The platform has been enabled in Jefferson County, Kentucky and Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana, and enables seamless referrals between agencies to meet a variety of essential needs. United Community will be a robust community service coordination system that will improve the life outcomes of our most vulnerable children, individuals and families across Louisville and Southern Indiana by facilitating integrated, multi-dimensional support efficiently.

With the United Community shared data platform:

  • Students who fall off track because of social needs and connect them and their families to the appropriate services.
  • Individuals struggling with everything from addiction to job services are connected via a “warm handoff” to wraparound supports to help them overcome barriers to well being.
  • Caseworkers and physicians who need to share vital information about individuals’ needs, choices and living situations that could impact their ability to receive the care they need to become or stay healthy.
  • Community leaders who want visibility into the number and types of services most needed and where gaps exist in available resources.

United Community Goals

  • Develop a connected, collaborative, community-wide system to coordinate care and services across sectors, and on both sides of the river, to address all social determinants of health/education, and offer real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Measurably improve health, education and well being outcomes by coordinating the delivery of health and social services among high needs children, individuals and families.
  • Create a single point of entry system whereby individuals are channeled to appropriate services based on their unique needs across the health, education and social service sectors, including tracking of client outcomes after referrals to services are made.

For Additional Information

For any additional information, please email Tasha Lafever.

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