Jeffersonville Tree Walk

Addressing Needs, Strengthening Community

Jeffersonville Tree Walk

In 2015 we launched the Assessment of Needs and Priorities in Clark and Floyd Counties. This comprehensive needs assessment revealed who we are as a community and the role that CFSI can have in it. It’s even changing how we make grants – ensuring the resources we’ve been entrusted with are making a difference in the most impactful ways.

In 2017, CFSI supported the City of Jeffersonville and the “Tree Walk” initiative making a grant to help the city purchase trees that are beautifying the city while improving the air quality and reducing the storm water runoff, all of which are important community needs.

Chad Reischl, city planner for the City of Jeffersonville described the Tree Walk as, “a tree-lined walking route that will be an educational and fun experience for all ages that enhances the streetscape, improves air and water quality, and enriches the sense of place within downtown Jeffersonville.”

The Tree Walk begins and ends at Big Four station and, when complete, will have over 140 new trees planted along 20 blocks in downtown Jeffersonville. Over 70 species will be represented and each tree will be labeled as a reference.

The Tree Walk is having a direct affect on some of the area’s greatest needs. According to the Needs Assessment, we need to improve our air and water quality, and residents want more opportunities to enjoy safe recreational activities in their own community, which is why the Community Foundation got involved. Linda Speed, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana said, “The Tree Walk was an opportunity for us to help with the overall health of our community – through cleaner air and water – while helping our downtowns continue to flourish.”

Reischl said, “The City of Jeffersonville is thankful to have partners like the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana who are helping us transform the city. The Tree Walk is a perfect example of how their grants and the support of our community are making an impact in Jeffersonville. The Tree Walk has many health and educational benefits and, when finished, will be a wonderful new amenity for the downtown area.”

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