Helping Clients Through CFSI

Helping Clients Through CFSI

Michael “Mick” Ward

You’ve probably passed the navy blue sign along State Street in New Albany for the law offices of Lorch Naville Ward LLC many times. Inside the one-story brick building you’ll find Mick Ward and his practice focusing on estate planning, estate administration, real estate and corporate law.

Mick has spent most of his life in Southern Indiana, with his wife Carol, their three children, and now five grandchildren. He likes to travel, pursuing his passions that include scuba diving, hiking and skiing. But he also loves coming back home to Southern Indiana – which he calls “a great place to live and go to other places from” – helping our community and the people who live here.

“I really enjoy working with members of our community, building strong and trusting relationships with my clients and helping them accomplish their goals,” Mick said. “That’s also the reason I encourage clients to work with the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana – I know the Foundation will make it easy for them to give back and is going to take care of them the same way I would. The folks at the Foundation are very knowledgeable about the charitable sector and operate with a level of sophistication that allows them to handle simple or complex giving arrangements.”

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana works with those who want to create a customized charitable fund now to accomplish their philanthropy, and those who want to leave a gift to charity in their will or trust that will support their favorite nonprofit, school or church after they are gone. Establishing a fund is simple and creates a way for individuals, families and businesses to have a lasting impact on the causes that are important to them.

Mick continued, “I find that most people are charitably inclined and I trust the Foundation to work with my clients, because it has the expertise and experience to develop a customized charitable plan that will support the causes they are passionate about. And it doesn’t take a lot. Your heirs are not going to miss 5%-10% of your estate. But if you use that 5%-10% to give back, it will make a tremendous difference to the organizations that it supports and, in turn, our community.”


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IT'S OFFICIAL: The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana has been awarded a $5 MILLION Matching Grant from the Lilly Endowment! Learn how you can help us award an estimated additional $200,000 in local grants - a 50% annual increase - each year. Forever.

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