Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Book Stipend

This instruction sheet is intended to answer some of the questions we are frequently asked about the annual book stipend. If you are not sure whether an item should be included please call your Community Foundation. In 2013, rising sophomores and incoming freshmen will receive $900, per the grant requirements for those cohorts. The students from Cohorts 2010 and 2011 will continue to receive $800.

1. The stipend must be accounted for and unspent funds ($25 or more) must be returned to your community foundation before the end of the academic year. If you have purchased everything you need and want to turn your report in sooner, great! Students who do not complete and submit this form will not receive a book stipend for the 2014-2015 academic year. If you have $25 or less left over, you may keep the money and use it for general school supplies.

2. Please report all expenses, even if the total that you spent is greater than the amount of your stipend. We want to know how much your books and required equipment cost in total.

3. The book stipend is intended to cover the major book and equipment costs of attending college. This does not include basic school supplies such as: paper, pens & pencils, folders, notebooks, planners, etc. It also is not intended to be used for the purchase of ink cartridges or other computer supplies that are not specifically required by a professor for a class. **Campus print centers are typically available so that you won’t have to bear this expense unless you decide to print documents in your room.

4· Education Majors – PRAXIS test registration should not be included on your book stipend report. It is reimbursed separately. Please submit your registration receipt to your community foundation for reimbursement. Scholars who will be student teaching this year may list items that will be used in the classroom such as index cards, markers, etc. Please make a note that they are for student teaching.

5· Keep your receipts, they are required!!! If you purchase a text from another student please have that student sign a receipt that you can handwrite or type up, including the class name, text name and the amount paid. (If for some reason you cannot come up with the receipts you will need to do some research, call your community foundation to find out how to proceed.)

6. Shopping online – often students opt to buy books online through Amazon or other online retailers to take advantage of lower prices. We encourage you to shop in person or online, but to report the amounts you actually paid for your books, not the price you would have paid on campus, if you hadn’t purchased them online. If you buy online, don’t forget to include the shipping and handling in the price paid.

Examples of items that may be on your report:

  • Boots/Equipment for a horse-back riding class or other Phys. Ed. class
  • Choir uniform/robe (for credit bearing courses)
  • Zip drive, if required for a specific class
  • Nursing attire
  • CDRs, other media for projects that must be recorded
  • Any textbook or novel that is required for a course
  • Film developing or supplies for photography course
  • Cap & Gown for graduation
  • Lab goggles, etc.

Examples of items that may not be on your report:

  • Miscellaneous supplies
  • Travel expenses of any kind (including a Passport)
  • Ink cartridges
  • GRE or other test preparation materials
  • Film or camera while studying abroad
  • iPad or other devices that are not expressly required
  • Uniforms, etc. for volunteer organizations or non credit bearing courses

Complete Book Stipend Report Form

Use the online form below to submit your Book Stipend Report From. Or, you can download a hard copy of the form and mail it to the Community Foundation office at 4108 Charlestown Road, New Albany, IN 47150.

Lilly Endowment Book Stipend Report Form

  • Year that you were awarded the scholarship
  • Clark or Floyd?
  • DateClass TitleBook NameAmount Spent 
  • *If the unspent amount is greater than $25.00 mail or hand deliver a check made payable to ICI to the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana office at 4108 Charlestown Road, New Albany, IN 47150.
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.
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