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Thank You to our 2020 Donors

To our community, donors, fundholders and Legacy Society members, we say thank you for helping us make a difference in Southern Indiana. We’re applying our resources to address the greatest needs of our community, and because of your support, in 2020 our grants to area nonprofits helped them serve 100,000 people in Clark and Floyd counties. Thank you for allowing us to be the partner, resource and steward for philanthropy in our community.


A T & T
Ms. Tonja Aaron-Wells
Ms. Betty Adams
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Water Charitable Foundation
Ms. Phyllis A. Andres
Applegate Fifer Pulliam, LLC
Ms. Danielle Archer
The Hazel & Walter T. Bales Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Peggy Banet
Ms. Jan Barnett
Ms. Holly Bartlett-Conner
Ms. Robyn Beard
Ms. Sara B. Becher
Ms. Catherine M. Beechie 
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bennett & Bennett Insurance, Inc.
Ms. Pam Bennett Martin 
Dr. and Mrs. Rex G. Bickers
Mrs. Marcia Bickers
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Biery
Ms. Molly K. Biggs
Ms. Barb Bitzegaio
Cecile A. Blau
Blue Sky Capital
Blue Sky Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bodney
Ms. Lisa Bottorff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boughey
Bob and Patty Bringle
Mrs. Margaret Brinkworth
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brock
Ms. Mary Jo Brown
Ms. Barbara Bunuan
Ms. Amy Burnette
Buzzi Unicem USA
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Byrne
Caesars Foundation of Floyd County
Ms. Jessica Carroll
Mr. and Ms. Charles Wayne Carter
Kevin and Cindy Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Cerqueira
Ms. Marlene Chestnut-Turner
Clarksville Community Schools as Agent for Faculty and Staff
Ms. Julie Claypool
Ms. Arletta Clements
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Clines
Ms. Amanda Coan
Judge J. Terrence and Mrs. Peggy Cody
Mr. Patrick T. Cody
Mr. Shane Cody
Ashley and Chandler Coffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Conner
Ms. Courtney Crane
Estate of George M. Cropp
Dr. Claudia Crump
Dale Gettelfinger Capital LLC
Kent and Lisa Davis
Joyce and Don Day
Deer Creek Campgrounds
Ms. Dinese M. Dempster
Ms. Kelsi Dempster
Ms. Linda DeRungs and Mr. William Thompson
Duke Energy Foundation
Ms. Amber Duke
Mrs. Stephanie Eichenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Eisert
Ms. Maris Elder
Ms. Colleen S. Endres
Ms. Marilyn Faulkenburg
Jill and Jerry Finn
Ms. Linda K. Finney
FireKing Security Group
Fleming for District 71
Dr. Rita A. Fleming
Floyd County Medical Society Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Floyd County Treasurer
Ms. Lori Forbes
Ms. Cheryl Foust
Ms. Kathleen Foust
Mr. Franklin L. Fulton
Mr. Joseph B. Fulton
Ms. Fancy Fulton-Smith
The GE Foundation
Georgetown High School Class of 1962
Ms. Janet Gettelfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gettelfinger
Stephen and Linda Gobert
Ms. Mary Goble
Ms. Susan E. Gossman
Honorable Maria D. Granger
Greater Clark County Schools Educational  Foundation
Ms. Janis Greenlee
Ms. Crystal A. Gunther
Ms. Marty Gutmann
New Albany Floyd County Habitat for Humanity
Charlotte and Tom Hadley
Mr. James M. Hammond, III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hammond
Mr. Robert Hammond
Ms. Sharon Handy
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Cary W. Harper
Ms. Jennifer Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hartog
Ms. Marcella Hawk
Mr. John H. Hays
Ms. Vicki Hays
Ms. Lisa Heck
Ms. Kathy G. Heckman
Ms. Ruth Heideman
Mr. Michael Heiligenberg
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Henry
Highland Hills Middle School Boys & Girls Tennis Team
Ms. Karen Hoelscher
Mr. and Ms. David G. Holman
Ms. Lori Holtman Ziegler
Mr. Jerome M. Holtman
Mr. Zachary Holtman
Hoosier Energy REC
Ms. Linda Hornung
Mr. Philip L. Houston
Ms. Amy Huber
Ms. Jan Huber
Ms. Leah Huber
Ms. Lisa Brones Huber
Ms. Rosalie Huber
Hughes Group, Inc.
Humana Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Ruth Ann Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurst
Impact 100 Global Advisory Council
Joe and Kathy Jacobi
Ms. Michelle Jadczak
Ms. Kris Jakoby
Scott and Kyla James
Jeffersonville Evening Optimist Club
John Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Johnson
Kaiser Home Support Services, Inc.
Mrs. Cindy Kanning
Mr. and Mrs. Lenne Keithley
Ms. Andrea Kelecy
Mrs. Rebecca King
Ms. Bonnie Klank
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kleehamer
Ms. Wilma H. Klein
Ray and Yvonne Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kollmeyer
Mrs. Alysa Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lang
Ms. Lindsey Lawrence
Ms. Lori Lewis
Ms. Carol Libs
Ms. Sandra Libs
Ms. Teri Looney
Ms. Linda Malette
Mrs. DeAnn Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Massey
Ms. Luanne Mattson
Ms. Kathy McCaa
Mr. Philip W. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. McCollough
McCrite Milling & Construction
Ms. Judy A. McIntosh
Ms. Carlotta A. Meriwether
Metro United Way, Inc.
Midwestern Engineers, Inc.
Ms. Rosanne T. Miller
Ms. Maggie Moore
Mr. Larry Moore
Ms. Tamara Morris
Ms. Laura Muncy and Mr. Alan Muncy
Ms. Norma G. Naegele
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nanagas
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Nash
National Christian Foundation Indiana – David C. and Rebekah Hussung Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Naville
Ms. Lindsey Neely
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Neely
Mr. David B. Neff
Network for Good
Ms. Ashley Nevin
Ms. Amy Newbanks Letke
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Nobbe
Ms. Patty Ohara
Ms. Anita Oldham
Ms. Lea Lynn rberson
OSI Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Oster
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ozug
Ms. Rhonda Parero
Perfectly Planned Kentuckiana
Personal Best Fitness & Moore
Ms. Katie Peterson Dingle
Ms. Elizabeth A. Peterson
Ms. Sandra Posey
Mrs. Sarayda Powell
Ms. Kim A. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Pulliam
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Quinkert
Re/Max First
Rebecca Ann Photography
Ann and John Redman
Mr. Rudy W. Rice
Ms. Shirley Rice
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Riddle
Mr. Kyle R. Ridout
Ms. Donna K. Riley
Mr. Forrest A. Ritz
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Robertson
Ms. Paula M. Robinson
Ms. Linda Rudolph
Ms. Amy C. Rudy
Ms. Jo Russell
Ms. Marty Ryall
Ms. Jill S. Saegesser
Ms. Shirley J. Sandelands
Mrs. Sue Sanders
Mr. Stephen Schiller
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Schimpff
Ms. Susan Schmitt
Ms. Linda Sendelwick
Ms. Erica Sharp
Mr. S. Butch Shaw
Ms. Jan Sherrell
Ms. Judy Shive
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Short
Mr. and Ms. Alan N. Singleton
Ms. Cynthia R. Sisloff
Donald H. Slone
Juder and Jean (Johnson) Smith
Tom and Linda Speed
Mr. Erik Spoelker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Staley
Starlight Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Amy Stein
Ms. Linda Stein
Stephen & Laura Gettelfinger Trust
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Stewart
Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Ms. Julie Straight
Mr. Stephen D. Surles
Ms. Rebecca Taylor Thomas
Mr. Bryan H. Taylor
Mrs. Jane Thom
Ms. Sally Thompson
Ms. Stacie Thompson
Ms. Donna M. Tindall
Town of Clarksville
Town of Sellersburg
Treasurer of Clark County, Indiana
Mr. C. William Utz
Vectren Foundation, Inc.
Jane Venne
Mr. John W. Voorhees
Mike and Debbie Waiz
Ms. Mary M. Walker
Mr. Robert W. Walker and Mrs. Margaret Hays Walker
Ms. Mary Wallace
Ms. Sherry Wathen
Ms. Jan Weimer
WesBanco Bank, Inc.
Ms. Melany Wessels
Ms. Janie Whaley
Ms. Amy R. Wheatley
Ms. Evelyene Wheatley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Williamson
Ms. Kathryn Willis
Ms. Brittany M. Wilson
Mr. Robert E. Wilson
Dr. Mary Beth Woehrle and Mr. Richard Neidenberger
Ms. Martha Jane Woelfel
Mr. Mike Wolf
Women’s Foundation of Southern Indiana
Mr. Alexander Wood
Mr. Kenton Wooden
Jude Loew and Barry Wooley
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Woosley
Ms. Jesika M. Young
Ms. Diane Zoeller

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