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Thank You to our 2021 Donors

To our community, donors, fundholders and Legacy Society members, we say thank you for helping us make a difference in Southern Indiana. We’re applying our resources to address the greatest needs of our community, and because of your support, in 2021 our grants to area nonprofits helped them serve 100,000 people in Clark and Floyd counties. Thank you for allowing us to be the partner, resource and steward for philanthropy in our community.

Mrs. Tonja F. Aaron-Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick E. Adkins
Advanced Business Solutions
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Michele S. Anderson
Ms. Phyllis A. Andres
Applegate Fifer Pulliam LLC
Ms. Danielle Archer
AstraZeneca Pharmeceuticals LP – Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Baumann
Phillip and Amy Beaman
Ms. Sara B. Becher
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Ms. Pam Bennett Martin
J. A. Bennett
Mrs. Mary Ann Bennett
Ms. Bobbi Bickers
Mrs. Marcia Bickers
Dr. and Mrs. Rex G. Bickers
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Biery
Ms. Molly K. Biggs
Ms. Barb Bitzegaio
Cecile A. Blau
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bodney
Mrs. Kristen Boehnlein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bolin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Boling II
Ms. Linda Book
Ms. Lisa Bottorff
Ms. Alice Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brauch
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brinkworth, Jr.
Ms. Mary Jo Brown
Mr. Larry W. Brumley
Mr. Michael T. Burch
Ms. Amy Burnette
Ms. Jennie Capelle
Mrs. Barbara Carnighan
Carpet Specialists, Inc.
Ms. Jessica Carroll
David and Dorothy Case
Centra Credit Union
Ms. Susan Christopher
Clarksville Community Schools as Agent for Faculty and Staff
Ms. Julie Claypool
Ms. Arletta Clements
Ms. Sue A. Clements
Senator and Ms. Ed Clere
Judge J. Terrence and Mrs. Peggy Cody
Judge J. Terrence and Mrs. Peggy Cody
Mr. Patrick T. Cody
Mr. Shane Cody
Ms. Kerri Cokeley
Ms. Carol J. Cook
Ms. Christy Cortese
Ms. Myra Craig
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Crowley
Dr. Claudia Crump
Ross Davison Charitable Fund – Schwab Charitable
Joyce and Don Day
Ms. Kelsi Dempster Chew
Deming, Malone, Livesay & Ostroff PSC
Ms. Mary Gwynne Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Douglas
Ms. Saundra Duffee
Duke Energy Foundation
Ms. Amber Duke
Mrs. Stephanie Eichenberger
Kelsey Eilers Lynn
Ms. Marlene M. Embry
Ms. Colleen S. Endres
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Epperson
Ms. Mary H. Epperson
Extol Magazine
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fancher P.E.
Ms. Deborah Farinelli
Ms. Marilyn Faulkenburg
Fidelity Charitable – Letke Family Fund
Jill and Jerry Finn
Mrs. Gerri Flanagan
Dr. Rita A. Fleming
Floyd Central High School Alumni Association
Floyd County Medical Society Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Floyd Wrestling Club Inc.
Ms. Lori Forbes
Ms. Fancy Fulton-Smith
Ms. Diane M. Galligan
Ms. Amanda Gater
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Geddes
John and Barbara Geltmaker
Mrs. Lisa Gentner
Georgetown High School Alumni Association Committee
Mr. and Ms. Dale Gettelfinger
Ms. Janet Gettelfinger
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gettelfinger
Ms. Valerie J. Gilliland
Mr. Edward R. Goerlitz
Ms. Susan E. Gossman
Ms. Patricia B. Graviss
Greater Louisville Inc.
Ms. Mary Groher
Ms. Crystal A. Gunther
Ms. Marty Gutmann
Ms. Carolyn Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hammond
Mr. Robert Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan L. Hankins
Ms. Tracy Harley
Mrs. Patti Hartog
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hartstern
Ms. Marcella Hawk
Mr. John H. Hays
Ms. Vicki Hays
Ms. Lisa Heck
Ms. Kathy G. Heckman
Ms. Ruth Heideman
Ms. Jamie Heinz
Ms. Michelle Henderson
HFR Associates
Ms. Susan Higdon
Mr. and Ms. Steven W. Hirsch
Ms. Ivy Hollkamp
Mr. and Ms. Jeff Hollkamp
Ms. Nancy N. Holt
Ms. Christine M. Holtman
Mr. James K. Homrighausen, DMD
Hope Southern Indiana, Inc.
Mrs. Linda Hornung
Elizabeth House
Ms. Amy Huber
Ms. Jan Huber
Ms. Leah Huber
Ms. Rosalie Huber
Ms. Nancy L. Hublar
Mr. Steve Huggins
Ms. Irene J. Hughes
Ms. Linda M. Hundley
Ms. Ruth Ann Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurst
Mr. David L. Hussung and Mrs. Elizabeth Strohl Hussung
Impact 100 Global Advisory Council
Integrity HR, Inc.
Mr. Darnell Jackson
Mrs. Michelle Jadczak
Ms. Kristina Jakoby
Ms. Sandra L. Johanson
John G. Brinkworth, Inc.
Daniel L. Johnson and Diane M. Johnson Revocable Living Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Johnson
Mr. John D. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Julius
Mrs. Cindy Kanning
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Lenne Keithley
Mrs. Rebecca King
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kleehamer
Mr. Steve Klein
Ms. Jana Knable
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Knotts
Mrs. Melanie Koetter
Kosair Charities Committee, Inc.
Mr. & Mr. Joe Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. John Kraft
Mr. and Ms. Norman C. Kruer
Mrs. Alysa Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lang
Mr. and Ms. Michael L. Larner
Mr. Joseph LaRocca
Ms. Lelia Lauderdale
Ms. Chelsea Lawrence
Ms. Lindsey Lawrence
Ms. Amy Newbanks Letke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Lewis
Mrs. Sandra Libs
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lilly
Lochmueller Group
Ms. Demerese A. Lomond
Ms. Teri Looney
Ms. Leigh A. Lusk
Mr. Darryl Manias
The Marketing Squad
Ms. Sonia Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. McCollough
McCrite Milling & Construction
Ms. Rosanne T. Miller
Monroe Shine & Co., CPAs
Ms. Madonna Moody
Ms. Margaret Moore
Mr. James F. Morris
Ms. Tamara Morris
Musselman Hotels
Ms. Norma G. Naegele
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Naville
Ms. Lindsey Neely
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Neely
Ms. Ashley Nevin
New Albany Township Little League DBA New Albany Little League
Mr. Mark Newbanks and Mr. Nigel Ashworth
Oasis Solutions, Inc.
Mrs. Soni O’Bannon
Ms. Lea Lynn Orberson
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Orem
Ms. Michelle Owings
Ms. Rhonda Parero
Dr. Malcolm and Mrs. Ruth Ann Peel
Pemberly Farms LLC
Ms. Julie A. Peoples
Personal Best Fitness & Moore
Ms. Katie Peterson Dingle
Ms. Elizabeth A. Peterson
Mr. Steven Peterson and Mrs. Mary Victoria Burr Peterson
Mrs. Laura Pfaffenberger
Pitt & Frank LLC
Ms. Anna Portman
Mrs. Sarayda Powell
PTG Silicones, Inc.
Mrs. Jessica Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Pulliam
Re/Max First
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Reinhardt
Republic Bank Foundation Inc.
Mr. Kyle R. Ridout
Mr. Kyle R. Ridout
Right Angle Results, LLC
Ms. Donna K. Riley
Ms. Beulah M. Robb
Ms. Laurel A. Robb
Ms. Kathryn A. Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Robertson
Ms. Jill Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Robison
Ms. Glenda R. Rogers
Ms. Deborah G. Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Romines
Ms. Linda Rudolph
Ms. Amy C. Rudy
Ms. Jo Russell
Ms. Marty Ryall
Ms. Jill S. Saegesser
Ms. Shirley J. Sandelands
Mrs. Sue Sanders
Mr. Robert S. Schamel
Mrs. Ruth Ann Schmidt
Ms. Karen J. Schmitt
Ms. Susan Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Seese
Ms. Erica Sharp
Mr. S. Butch Shaw
Ms. Pamela Shelton
Dr. Catherine Sherrard and Mr. Eric Sherrard
Ms. Jan Sherrell
Ms. Judy Shive
Mr. Henry J. Siebert
Ms. Natalie J. Sims
Mrs. Jackie Singleton
Ms. Cynthia R. Sisloff
Ms. Patricia Sisloff
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Smith
Juder and Jean (Johnson) Smith
Software Management
South Central Indiana Association of Health Underwriters
Dr. Melissa A. Speck
Tom and Linda Speed
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Staley
Stein Real Estate, LLC
Ms. Amy Stein
Ms. Linda Stein
Heidi Steinert
Mr. and Mrs. David Stemler
Ms. Erin Stevens
Ms. Patricia Stilwell
Mrs. Julie Straight
Ms. Judy Sullivan
Ms. Shirley Swanson Jones
Mr. James Talley
Mrs. Carol Thom
Mrs. Jane Thom
Mr. Don Thompson
Ms. Cynthia Torp
Mrs. Dawn Urbahns
Ms. Marie Vass
Jane Venne
Ms. Leslie Vidra
Ms. Susan Vincent
Mr. Worth Wagers
Mike and Debbie Waiz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Waiz, Jr.
Mr. Robert W. Walker and Mrs. Margaret Hays Walker
Ms. Mary Wallace
Mrs. Betsy Walters
Ms. Sharon Warlick
Ms. Barbara M. Warth
Mrs. Carolyn Webb
Ms. Melissa Weissinger
Ms. Alyce Weixler
Ms. Melany Wessels
The Wheatley Group LLC
Ms. Amy R. Wheatley
Ms. Maria Wheatley
Michelle A. Whitehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Williamson
Mrs. Kathryn Willis
Ms. Brittany Wilson
Dr. Mary Beth Woehrle
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Wolff
Mr. Al Wood
Mr. and Ms. Kenton Wooden
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wright
Mr. Richard A. Zoeller
Ms. Theresa K. Zoubul

15 Anonymous Donors

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