Our Donors

Thank You to our Donors

To our community, donors, fundholders and Legacy Society members, we say thank you for helping us make a difference in Southern Indiana. We’re applying our resources to address the greatest needs of our community, and because of your support, our grants to area nonprofits help them serve more than 100,000 people in Clark and Floyd counties annually. Thank you for allowing us to be the partner, resource, and steward for philanthropy in our community.

Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Naville
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zollman
Mr. Alexander Wood
Alison Buehler
Ms. Alyce W. Weixler
Ms. Amy Huber
Ms. Amy Newbanks Letke
Mr. and Ms. Lewis Rudy
Ms. Amy R. Wheatley
Ms. Amy Yeker
Angela Bartley
Ms. Angela Burns
Ms. Angie Fenton
Ms. Anne Keeney
Ms. Annette Fowler
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.
Olive Tree Resources, Inc.
Ms. Arletta Clements
Ms. Becca Thomas
Ms. Betty Shine
Farm Credit Services of Mid America
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Woosley
AML Construction
Ms. Bonnie Naville
Ms. Brenda Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Fifer
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Stewart
Dr. Carl DeGraaf
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Goodman
Ms. Carrie Crouch
Ms. Catherine Shea
Cathy Wheeler
Cauze Charitable Fund
CCA/CoreCivic Securities Settlement
Ms. Cecile A. Blau
Ms. Chanda Niehoff
Ms. Charlotte Ipsan
Ms. Chelsea Lawrence
Dan Cristiani Excavating Co., Inc.
Ms. Christine M. Holtman
Flexo Wash LLC
Mrs. Cindy Kanning
Dr. Claudia Crump
Dubois County Community Foundation
Ms. Connie Tedesco
Ms. Crystal A. Gunther
Ms. Cynthia L. Curry
Ms. Cynthia Holtman
Ms. Cynthia R. Sisloff
Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Pulliam
D.F. Dent and Company, Inc.
Dale Gettelfinger Capital LLC
Back on the Rack
Communtiy Foundation of Jackson County
Ms. Danielle Archer
Mr. Dave Thomas
David and Dorothy Case
Dr. and Mrs. David Clifton
Mrs. Pam Bennett Martin and Mr. David Martin
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Reinhardt
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Riddle
Carpet Specialists, Inc.
Ms. Debora Dale-Quarles
Ms. Deborah Farinelli
Ms. Debra Lopp
Ms. Debrah Bowers More and Mr. Mark More
Ms. Denise Townsend
Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP
Ms. Diane Lingeman
John & Diane Moss
Ms. Diane Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Don Day
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Kochert
Donald H. Slone
Ms. Donna K. Riley
Dr. Steven & Flora Cohen
Ms. Edith Jones
Ms. Elaine Lewis
Ms. Emily Byrd
Greater Clark County Schools Educational Foundation
Eric Howard
Ms. Eva Riddick
Ms. Fancy Fulton-Smith
Ms. Felecia Koerber
First National Bank of Omaha
Frances & Charles Unclebach
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ozug
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Libs
Globe LLC
Mr. Gregory C. Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Nash
Ms. Gwendolyn A. Scott
Ms. Hannah Paul
Healthcare Services Group Securities Class Action Settlement
Henry Schein, Inc. Securities
Mr. Henry J. Siebert
Community Foundation Partnership, Inc.
Ms. Hope McKim
Orange County Community Foundation
Ms. Ivy Hollkamp
Mr. Shane Cody
Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Wiggs
Mr. J. Scott Waters IV
Judge J. Terrence and Mrs. Peggy Cody
Mr. Patrick T. Cody
Mr. and Ms. Alan N. Singleton
Ms. Jacqueline Tolliver
Koerber’s Fine Jewelry
Mr. James H. Becker
Mr. James M. Hammond, III
Estate of Teresa Lucas
Ms. Jamey DeMarsh
Ms. Jan Huber
Ms. Jan Sherrell
Ms. Jan Weimer
Jane Venne
Ms. Janet Gettelfinger
Ms. Janet Staley
Ms. Jeanne Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff K. Cover
Ms. Jenifer Williams
Ms. Jenny Wasson
Mr. Jerome M. Holtman
Jill and Jerry Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Robertson
Ms. Jessica Carroll
Ms. Jill A. Jones
Ms. Jill Coan
Jill Forbes
Ms. Jill Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pettyjohn
JND Legal Administration
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Thomas, Sr.
Ms. Joan E. Bezy
Ms. Joan Houston
Jodi Hornback
Jody R. Heazlitt
Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott
John Hartstern
Mr. John H. Hays
Mr. John D. Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. John Redman
SamTec, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stutzman
Mr. John W. Voorhees
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dones
Clarksville Community Schools as Agent for Faculty and Staff
Washington County Community Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Judy Shive
Ms. Julia Albright
Brownsburg Elementary Principal’s Team
Mr. and Ms. Michael L. Larner
Harrison County Community Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Ronald S. Straight
Julius and Jean (Johnson) Smith
June L. Hagan
Ms. Justine Aycock
Ms. Karen Coates
Ms. Kathryn Wallace Atty
Ms. Kathy G. Heckman
Ms. Katie Kraft
Kelly Johnson
Bromelkamp Company
Kelsey Eilers Lynn and Jonathan Lynn
Ms. Kelsi Dempster Chew
Mr. Kenneth Kennedy
Ms. Kim D. Christie
Mr. Kirk Johnson
Ms. Krista Uhl
Mrs. Kristen Boehnlein
Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hartog
Mr. and Ms. Larry Ricke
Mr. Larry Weiss
Laura Clemons
Ms. Lauren Miller
Ms. Lauren Nallenweg
Ms. Leah Huber
Women’s Foundation of Southern Indiana
Ms. Leaha McCrite
Ms. Leigh A. Lusk
Ms. Leslie Vidra
Ms. Linda Book
Ms. Linda J. Haggard
Ms. Linda Jones
Ms. Linda L. Baker
Ms. Linda Morgan
Tom and Linda Speed
Ms. Linda Stein
Ms. Lindsey Lawrence
Ms. Lindsey Neely
Ms. Lisa Brones Huber
Ms. Lisa Heck
Ms. Lisa Klein
Ms. Liz Daugherty
Ms. Lori Forbes
Ms. Lori Lewis
The Hazel & Walter T. Bales Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Lynda Martin
Ms. Marcella Hawk
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Brinkworth, Jr.
Ms. Margie Blair
Ms. Margie Kennedy Wilson
Dr. Maria Boha
Ms. Marietta Willman
Ms. Marilyn Faulkenburg
Ms. Marlene Chestnut-Turner
Ms. Martha Truman
Mr. & Mrs. Marty Bachman
Ms. Marty Gutmann
Mrs. Mary Ann Harritt
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wild
Ms. Mary E. Bayens
Dr. Mary Beth Woehrle
Ms. Mary Jo Brown
Ms. Mary Wallace
Matthew and Jena Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. McCollough
Ms. Meghan Stockdale
Ms. Melany Wessels
Dr. Melissa Fry and Dr. Mark Konty
Dr. Melissa A. Speck
Ms. Melissa Stephans
Ms. Melissa Weissinger
Ms. Mercedes Bobias
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hammond
Mr. Michael B. Hammond, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Martin
Mike and Debbie Waiz
Ms. Michelle Apple
Ms. Michelle Henderson
Ms. Michelle Koetter
Ms. Morgan Bauer Brown
Ms. Natalie J. Sims
Ms. Natasha Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lang
Ms. Nicole Dudley
Ms. Pam Bennett Martin and Mr. David Martin
Ms. Pam Lumley
Ms. Pamela Shelton
Ms. Patricia Sisloff
Mr. and Ms. Gregory Andres
Ms. Paula Jones
Mr. Philip W. McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Neely
Ms. Rebecca Taylor Thomas
Rebecca Wiseman
Ms. Regina R. Beckman
Dr. and Mrs. Rex G. Bickers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Boling II
Mr. Richard H. Maxwell
Mrs. Jeanette Whitfield
Jeffersonville Carnegie Library Foundation, Inc.
Align Southern Indiana, Inc.
Mr. Gary L. Shourds & Dr. Rita Hudson Shourds
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Mr. Robert Hammond
Mr. Robert Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kleehamer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Martin
Mr. Robert W. Walker and Mrs. Margaret Hays Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hackman
Kent & Joan Holzknecht
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Whaley
Ms. Rosalie Huber
Ms. Rosanne T. Miller
Ms. Ruth Ann Hunt
Ms. Ruth Heideman
Mr. S. Butch Shaw
Sam W. Molloy
Ms. Sandra Koetter
Ms. Sara B. Becher
Mrs. and Mrs. Nick Cortolillo
Ms. Sarah Koetter
Selective Insurance
Ms. Sharon King
Ms. Shirley J. Sandelands
Ms. Stacie Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bodney
Stephen & Laura Gettelfinger Trust
Stephen Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Loheide
Legacy Foundation of Floyd County, Inc.
Mr. Steve Huggins
Mrs. Sue Sanders
Ms. Susan Christopher
Ms. Susan E. Gossman
Ms. Susan Lipps
Ms. Susan Moniot
Ms. Susan Rudy
Ms. Susan Schmitt
Ms. Tamara Hatfield Kennedy
Ms. Tamara Morris
Clark County Soil & Water Conservation District
Tammy Naville
Ms. Tammy Stuart
Ms. Tanisha Frederick
Tara M. Christie
Ms. Teejan Booker
Ms. Teri Looney
Ms. Terri Turner
Clarksville Community School Corporation
Ms. Tina Lehmann
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gettelfinger
Ms. Tracy Burgin
Heritage Fund of Bartholomew
Ms. Tracye Huber
New Albany Floyd County Education Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Vera Brown
Mrs. Vicky Peay
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Schimpff
Ms. Wendy Moody
Wendy Robinson
Mr. Wes Scott
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Werst, Jr.
Ms. Wilma H. Klein
Ms. Zina Knight
4100 Charlestown, Inc.
AmazonSmile Foundation
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
Jacobi Oil Service, Inc.
Southern Indiana Estate Planning Council

15 Anonymous Donors

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