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Thank You

To our community, donors, fundholders and Legacy Society members, we say thank you for helping us make a difference in Southern Indiana. We’re applying our resources to address the greatest needs of our community, and because of your support, in 2019 our grants to area nonprofits helped them serve 61,000 people in Clark and Floyd counties. Thank you for allowing us to be the partner, resource and steward for philanthropy in our community. The list below goes through calendar year 2019 and is updated on an annual basis.

  • Mr. Leslie D. Albro
  • Dr. Mark D. Allen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Banet
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Barksdale
  • Mr. James H. Becker
  • Dr. Mathew and Mrs. Jessica Bergman
  • Joan M. Bland
  • Dr. Glen L. and Mrs MJ Bonsett*
  • Ms. Ruth Braeutigam*
  • Ms. Barbara Bunuan
  • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Case
  • Ms. Arletta Clements
  • Honorable and Mrs. J. Terrence Cody
  • Dr. Claudia Crump
  • Dr. Timothy M. Ruff & Ms. Laura Hansen Dean
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Douglas
  • Ms. Loretta Ellenbrand*
  • Dyan and Alan Feller
  • Mr. Jerry K. Finn
  • Mr. Darin Fox
  • Dr. Fay Greckel
  • Dr. Elsa M. Haddad
  • Dr. and Mrs. James E. Hollenbeck
  • Ms. Christine M. Holtman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joe Jacobi
  • Mrs. Wilma Howard Klein
  • Mr. Henry J. (Hank)* and Mrs. Wilma Howard Klein
  • Mr. Robert M. Knox*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Krall
  • Mr. Norman Kratz*
  • Mr. Casey and Mrs. Dora* LaDuke
  • Mr. Ray Lewis
  • Ms. Mary Loveland*
  • Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Natalie Nolan
  • Ms. Maggie Oster
  • Dr. Malcolm and Mrs. Ruth Ann Peel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Merrill G. Peter
  • Mrs. Margaret Read*
  • Ms. Donna K. Riley
  • Ms. Edna Lucille Ross*
  • Mr. S. Butch Shaw
  • Shashi Shivananjaiah
  • Mr. Gary L. Shourds and Dr. Rita Hudson Shourds
  • Mr. Donald M. Smith
  • Ms. Linda S. Speed
  • Mrs. Alice L. Guthrie Steele
  • Mr. Walt Stern, Jr.
  • Ms. Mary and Mr. William* Thompson
  • Mr. Michael D. Waiz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker
  • Mr. and Mrs. James B. Wathen
  • Mr. Joe Wayne
  • Mrs. Jeanette Whitfield
  • Mr. Laurence P. Wittlig*
  • Dr. Mary Beth Woehrle and Mr. Richard Neidenberger
  • Ms. Marty Woelfel
  • Mrs. Sharon Pfister
  • Anonymous Donors (10)

* Legacy Fulfilled

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