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For charitable organizations, putting ideas into motion takes funding. The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is dedicated to helping nonprofits improve the quality of life in our community. The Foundation’s unrestricted endowment (our Community Impact Fund) welcomes applications and project proposals from nonprofit and charitable organizations through the Community Grants Program. CFSI wants to help these nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission and meet the needs of our community by accepting two levels of grant requests and the application is open all year.



Community Assist Grants and Community Catalyst Grants

To better suit the needs of our community and provide more impactful grantmaking, organizations can now apply for either a Community Assist Grant ($5,000 maximum) or Community Catalyst Grant ($5,001 – $15,000). It is important to note that organizations can apply for either an Assist Grant or Catalyst grant, but not both and organizations cannot receive more than one award per year.

Community Assist Grants are for support of a program or activity through a one-time grant with a grant value of $1,000-$5,000.

Community Catalyst Grants are for support for a program or project that is more detailed and strategic to the organization with the potential for a much bigger impact on the target population in the community.

Supporting Innovative Projects

The Foundation intends for Assist and Catalyst Grants to fund innovative or creative projects with significant impact on the community served by the nonprofit. It is not a priority of the Foundation to fund requests for routine business operating expenses through either level of community grants. Nonprofit organizations that have questions about the appropriateness of a proposed request can contact Crystal Gunther, Director of Community Philanthropy, at

Dates to Remember

Grant application periods will be open all year round with quarterly deadlines and awards, allowing organization to apply for grants to fulfill their needs when the time is right for them.

Dates to Remember 

Tips For Grant Writing

Who Can Apply?

The Community Foundation invites all charitable organizations including: charitable 501(c)(3) status organizations, schools, churches and governments in or serving Clark and Floyd counties to apply for grants.

Grant Approvals

Each year, an independent committee of civic and business volunteer serve on the Foundation’s Community Grants Committee representing both Clark & Floyd counties. After thorough review of all qualified applications the Committee makes a final recommendation for funding to the CFSI Board of Directors. Following board approval, recipients are notified.

Final Report Required

Organizations that have received grants and wish to apply again must first have submitted a final report for any previously funded projects or programs to be eligible for funds again. The final report deadlines may vary. Grantees should refer to their Grant Agreement to determine Final Report dates.

Complete the Report

Grant Extension Requests

Grantees that are unable to spend or encumber the entire amount awarded or complete a majority of the funded activity within the funded grant period are required to either refund any remaining balance with an explanation or submit a grant period extension request. Please refer to the Grant Policies and Guidelines if you need to request an extension. Extension Request Forms are available online

Complete the Extension Request

Community Catalyst Grant Application “Rollover Requests”

Organizations that submitted a request for a Catalyst Grant but did not receive funding may be invited to complete a Rollover Request for their application to be considered again by the Grants Committee in the following quarter. This form must be submitted by the designated deadline for reconsideration, no exceptions.

Rollover Request

How To Apply

The Community Foundation has an online grant application process. Organizations seeking a grant may apply online by clicking the link below.

CFSI Grant Guidelines & Policy

For more specific information regarding the Foundation’s Grant Program Guidelines and Policy, please click the CFSI Grant Guidelines & Policy below.
If you are having trouble uploading information through the online grant management system, please let us know by calling (812) 948-4662.

Grant Guidelines & Policy


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