Help Your Clients Make an Impact in 2019


Helping Your Clients Make an Impact in 2019!

Thanks to a matching opportunity from Lilly Endowment Inc., the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana is offering a match for all qualifying contributions made to endowment funds between now and December 31, 2020, or as soon as the allocated matching funds are exhausted. Your clients will receive a $2 match for every $1 contributed when they make a gift to the Foundation’s unrestricted Community Impact Fund.

For more information that will help your clients make an impact this year-end, including information on timing, gifts by check, stocks, and Qualified Charitable Distributions, please visit our website or download and print the Year End Giving Tips flyer for your clients.


Helpful Tips from the Southern Indiana Estate Planing Council  

Surprise! Your Buy-Sell Agreement Could Result in Denial of a Marital Tax Deduction When a Business Owner Dies.

By: Greg Condra, Condra Law Firm, PLLC

It’s critical that business owners leaving a large estate behind devise a plan. Beyond the typical estate planning documents, a well-crafted Buy-Sell Agreement is an excellent place to begin.

If your business has, or anticipates having, multiple owners, then a Buy-Sell Agreement is essential to protect you. It can take the form of a standalone Buy-Sell Agreement, a Shareholders’ Agreement, or detailed provisions within a limited liability company’s Operating Agreement or a partnership’s Partnership Agreement. Chances are you are fine being in business with your partner(s), but you would rather… continue reading the article…  


Valuable Resources for You and Your Clients

Appraisals a Vital Part of Substantiating Noncash Gifts

Obtaining an appraisal for a gift to charity might seem like a nuisance, but clients who fail to follow the requirements could find their deductions denied or severely reduced . . . more

Stock Gifts with Dividends

Donors are often advised to make their charitable gifts using shares of long-term appreciated stock, rather than cash . . . more

Gift Opportunities for Closely Held Corporations

Clients who own closely held corporations have the option of making gifts from their personal assets or having their businesses make the gifts . . . more

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IT'S OFFICIAL: The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana has been awarded a $3.75 MILLION Matching Grant from the Lilly Endowment! Learn how you can help us award an estimated additional $200,000 in local grants - a 50% annual increase - each year. Forever.

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