Everlasting Love

Jane and Frank “Buck” Wiseman recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and as a surprise, their children established a family fund in the couple’s names at the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana (CFSI) and invited guests to donate.

“We were very shocked, proud, surprised and honored,” admitted Buck. “Shocked, because we no idea that they established a fund. Proud, knowing that throughout the years, they truly recognized the importance of giving back and paying forward, and learned that from the way Jane and I raised them by good example.”

The Wisemans were genuinely surprised “because we had no idea whatsoever that they had set up the (fund) and got the word out to our family and friends,” he continued. “And we were honored that so many have contributed to the Buck and Jane Wiseman Family Fund, and it will benefit Southern Indiana charities now and long after we are gone.”

The fund is a permanent endowment that their family – and future generations – can use to give back to the causes they care most about.

“We are extremely happy that the fund helps local charities but also instills in our youngest family members the importance of giving and paying forward,” said Buck. “The way the fund is set up, it will go on giving for years. There will always be a need, and this will help in so many ways.”

CFSI offers a range of charitable funds, allowing individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to choose the best vehicle to help accomplish their philanthropic goals.

It’s also a wonderful way to commemorate celebrations.

When you establish an endowment fund at the Community Foundation, the initial gift is invested in a conservative manner for long-term growth. You select your favorite charities or charitable interests to support, and a portion of the fund balance is used each year to support those causes. The rest of the fund balance remains invested, with the objective to ensure that sufficient funds are available each year to support charity, while the fund balance grows to keep pace with inflation. Over time, grants to charity from the fund will exceed the amount of your original gift, and the fund balance will grow well beyond the original gift amount. The idea is to create a fund that will provide support for your selected charitable purpose forever.

CFSI loved helping the Wisemans establish a living legacy and create a fund that will give back. The Foundation will work with individuals and their families to help develop a giving plan that will pass your values on to the next generation. Depending on the ages of your children and/or grandchildren, the strategies CFSI offers may evolve over time.

Many families choose to have “family meeting” around the holidays to discuss the different nonprofits causes that children and grandchildren want to support. As a committed partner, resource and steward in philanthropy, CFSI can help guide you through this process so that your fund makes an impact in our community and in your family.

This article appeared as an advertorial in the August/September 2018 issue of Extol Magazine.


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