What We Accomplished Together in 2018

What We Accomplished Together in 2018

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana works every day, with your help, to make an impact in Southern Indiana. In 2018, together we made a meaningful difference in the lives of people throughout our region. Thank you for helping to make this our most impactful year yet. We look forward to partnering with you and doing even more in 2019.   

2018 By The Numbers

  • $106 million in charitable assets
  • 262 individual charitable funds fulfilling donor intent
  • $5 million in grants and scholarships awarded from those funds, including:
    • $450,000 in scholarships to class of 2018
    • 110 scholarships changing the lives of young people
    • $4.4 million in fundholder grants
    • $266,000 distributed in 65 grants from Community Impact Fund (unrestricted permanent fund for our community)
    • 84,000 people helped through our grants to area nonprofits

$2.5 million in grants from Community Impact Fund since 1991


Investing In Our Future

Align Southern Indiana

The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana has made a multi-year commitment to support the work of Align Southern Indiana (ASI). ASI is an umbrella organization working to facilitate a shared regional process that will align our resources, address our needs and produce sustainable solutions which will help our region become the best place to live, work and play. ASI is concentrating on five areas of focus including Economic & Talent Development, Education, Regional Leadership, Quality of Life and Quality of Place. Currently, ASI has two active teams working in the areas of 1) Kindergarten Readiness (Education Area of Focus: Ensuring every student is kindergarten ready) and 2) Addiction Prevention (Quality of Life Area of Focus: We will be a drug-free region). As the program grows, more teams will be added, aligning the right resources at the right time, working together to achieve agreed-upon community goals. To learn more about ASI or how you can get involved in helping drive coordinated, collaborative, systemic change for our region, visit the ASI website at: www.alignsi.com

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