Making an Impact at Year-End

A Letter from Linda Speed, President and CEO

Dear Friends,

Today is a big day for nonprofits throughout our community. It is Giving Tuesday! The day that people throughout our region come together to support the good work that area nonprofits do to make this a better place to live, work and play.

If you’re looking to support an organization doing good work in a specific area of interest, or want to make an educated and thoughtful giving decision, use the Nonprofit Sector – A Resource Guide for Clark and Floyd Counties.  CFSI released this comprehensive look at our community’s nonprofits last year and it includes a complete listing of nonprofits by category with links to their websites so you can learn more.

Community Impact Fund

A great option if you’re not sure exactly what organization you want to support, but you want to know that your charitable gift will be used for the greatest needs of our community, is the Community Foundation’s Community Impact Fund. Each year, we use this fund to make over $250,000 in grants to support the needs of our community. Each grant is reviewed, scored and all the appropriate due diligence is done to ensure that your charitable gift is used in the most meaningful way to benefit our community and address the greatest needs and highest priorities that we face. If you’d like to learn more about the needs and priorities of our area, you can visit our website here.

What’s the best thing about making a gift to the Community Impact Fund? Because this is a permanent fund, your generosity will last for generations to come. We all know that our community is constantly changing. And the issues we face today are far different than the ones we faced in 1991 – when we started our journey as this community’s partner, resource and steward in philanthropy. As our community continues to grow and change the Community Impact Fund will evolve with it, ensuring your charitable gift continues to support the community we love.

Thank you for your support and for allowing the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana to serve as your charitable partner, resource and steward. If you have any questions about nonprofits you’d like to support, or how to maximize your charitable gift by establishing your own charitable giving fund, please give me a call at (812) 948-4662, or email me at

Thank you for supporting our community during Giving Tuesday! 

Linda Speed

President and CEO

PS – There is still plenty of time to make your charitable gifts to the Community Foundation in this calendar year to insure that you receive the maximum tax benefit for your 2017 donation, but don’t wait too much longer! Contact me if you have questions about making a year-end gift. 

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Making an Impact at Year-End

Information for Foundation Fundholders

As we prepare for the end of the year, CFSI Fundholders may be thinking about how best to do their year-end giving. We at the Community Foundation are here to help and proud to serve as your partner, resource and steward in philanthropy. If you have any questions about how to make a gift to your fund, or grant from your fund, please give us a call or use the information below.       

Making a Gift to Your Fund

You can make a gift to your fund by using our website as late as December 31. Simply choose ‘Personal and Organization Funds” and then select your fund. Remember, if you’re mailing your contribution, it must be delivered to our office by December 29 or postmarked, no later than December 30. And if you use an overnight delivery service like UPS or FedEx the gift must be delivered before close of business on the 29th.

  • Using the IRA Charitable Rollover – If you’re age 70 1/2 or older, consider using the IRA Charitable Rollover. Instead of taking your required minimum distribution, use it to do your charitable giving. You’ll want to start this process as soon as possible.  
  • Take Advantage of the Stock Market – If you have appreciated securities,
    you can use those to do your charitable giving and avoid paying capital gains taxes while receiving an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of your gift. Talk to your broker soon about this giving technique. It’s a lot easier than you think with great tax advantages! 

If you have questions about making a gift please contact Linda Speed or Kenton Wooden.  

Using Your Fund to Make Grants

This is the time of year when many of our fundholders choose to do their charitable giving through their fund at CFSI. Simply fill out the Fundholder Grant Recommendation From on our website and we’ll process your grant immediately. For questions about making grants from your fund please contact Crystal Gunther.

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